H.O.P.E Ministry


Opportunities To Help Other People Endure

Each and everyday we get the opportunity to give someone HOPE Just remember when the opportunity arrives, the true meaning of HOPE is Helping Other People Endure.





Teresa, is a very kind hearted individual who is willing to help at any given moment or time.  Teresa was approached by someone and asks if she could help with supplying clothing to a family of three children, which was in need of immediate clothing.  Teresa who is head of the clothing ministry in her church opened up her heart and doors and supplied the children with clothing, shoes and coats.
H.O.P.E is shining light on situations that seems dark.
H.O.P.E is willing to reach out and give.


Monica, a mother of eight children reaches out each and every year during the Christmas holiday to help other children that are less fortunate than her own.  Every year Monica and her children adopt a family for Christmas and purchase gifts for each child.  Monica have taught and shown her children the love and gift of giving.  Monica was in search of a family that she could reach out to, and gives happiness and some hope.  This year 11/2008, Monica and her children choose a family of three, in which the children had recently lost their mother.  Monica had decided that this was the family she wanted to give some hope.  Monica and her children never spoke with or met this family until on 12/20/08.  At this time, they were given the opportunity to embrace this family by inviting them into their home, spending several hours with them, serving them a delightful breakfast, sharing with them their games and also presenting each child with wonderful gifts.  Not only did she buy gifts for the children but she also included a special gift for the adoptive parent.  This event not only touched the souls and hearts of the children but also of the caregiver.
H.O.P.E is shining light on situations that seems dark.